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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : CD/DVD tweak guide

CD/DVD tweak guide
Last Updated on October 21, 2000 by Thomas McGuire
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Extra settings (click on More options)

Surface flip mode – Controls in non-hardware assisted cases how the multiple buffering of decoder surfaces is handled. Select Soft De-interlace for the best quality if you meet the 400Mhz+ CPU & 4MB+ graphics card requirement.

Surface Flip Position – Similar to the above setting, select your video if shown, e.g. Voodoo3 owners should select Bottom of the overlay.

Sound Compression Mode – Select Normal. The default is Compressed & does not yield the best quality sound.

AC3 downsample mode – Leave it at the Default setting, which is Filter #5. Changing to a lower setting will free up some resources but reduce sound quality.

AC3 SP/DIF audio type – Leave it at the default value 0.

AC3 SP/DIF out mode – Select the use of any SP/DIF module. Select your soundcard if applicable or choose Disabled.

Dynamic Audio Range Compensation - Selects dynamic ranges in Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoding. Setting both sliders to 0 will give the best quality sound.

Dialog Normalization – Keeps the average dialog level of an audio stream at a constant dB level when checked.

Enforce flip sync – Untick this setting unless you experience image tearing or flickering. This may fix it.

Intel 740 page flipping – If you have an i740 card tick this, otherwise untick it.

Triple buffering – Tick this for smoother playback.

DVD Max – If you have a G400 tick it, otherwise untick it.

3d Audio – Tick this to enable 3d audio. Untick to disable.

Use LFE decoding – Used with high quality speakers this will give a more dynamic sound. On low quality speakers it could damage them.

Pro-Logic Sound - Selecting this provides support for Pro-Logic amplifiers. Untick this if you have no Pro-Logic decoder.

Enable SP/DIF – Tick it to enable SP/DIF output. Untick to disable.

The other available settings may be required by some cards for correct playback. If unsure & playback if ok leave them at their default setting, unticked.

Finally select Apply to apply the changes you have made.

When playing DVD’s you should have no other programs running in the background for optimal performance.

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