NVIDIA GeForce (1/2/3/4) videocard tweaking

Configuration Utilities

Now select the Miscellaneous option from the drop-down menu.

OEM NVIDIA control panel mode. You can ignore this setting as youíll be using NVMax to adjust your Graphics card settings, leave it Unticked.

Intel compatibility. If you are having problems with your Graphics card on an Intel based motherboard then you might want to try Ticking this option to see if it resolves it, otherwise just leave this option Unticked. Those without an Intel motherboard can obviously ignore this option.

Flush input-output cache. For the with ALi Motherboards enabling this option reportedly can fix some stability issues, though those not experiencing any problems (Or whom have a non-ALi motherboard) can ignore this option.

Windows 2000 + Athlon stability fix. Those of you who have applied the Patch for AGP Applications on AMD Athlon & Duron Processors for Windows 2000 available on our OS Updates page can ignore this option, while those who havenít are recommended to. Those with Windows XP, 98SE, Me (Basically anything but Windows 2000) can also ignore this option.

Hardware accelerated cursor. Leave this option Ticked unless you are experiencing problems with the Mouse in some Games/Applications. Personally the only one Iíve seen this cause a few visual errors in is No One Lives Forever.



Select the directx tab & from the drop-down menu select the Anti Aliasing option.

Anti-Aliasing Mode. This option specifies the Anti-Aliasing mode to be used in Direct3D applications. Set this to Off to disable Anti-aliasing in Direct3D, Auto will allow the Direct3D Application to determine the Anti-aliasing mode used, e.g. as can be selected in Max Payneís Options menu. On the GeForce 3 & 4 multi-sampling FSAA is used for 2 Samples & Quincunx modes, which will provide fastest performance of all available FSAA modes (Bar Off obviously). 4 Samples works by up-sampling the Horizontal & Vertical resolutions by a factor of 2, then down-sampling by averaging the colours of a 2x2 pixel block to form 1 pixel across the entire image.

The images beneath illustrate the effect of each mode available in Max Payne.


2 Samples


4 Samples

4 Samples + 9 Tap



As you can see each mode has its own particular advantage, with Off providing the fastest frame rate, 2 Sample offers some jaggy alleviation (& a reduction in texture aliasing on the GeForce 3 & 4) with a small frame rate hit, with Quincunx offers much improved jaggy & texture aliasing reduction, though the textures are more blurry than with the other modes Ė the frame rate hit isnít too much greater than 2 Samples either. 4 Samples offers about the same jaggy alleviation as Quincunx, albeit with the texture blurriness though the frame rate hit is a lot greater. 4 Samples + 9 Tap seems to offer slightly more noticeable jaggy smoothing than 4 Samples, though in some Games appears to give blurrier textures.

In the OpenGL section Iíll cover how each FSAA mode affects frame rate, along with recommendations for settings.  

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