Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express tweak guide



Toolbar Setup & Positioning

Internet/Windows Explorer and Outlook Express feature highly customizable toolbars. These can be altered so as to better suit your needs & reduce clutter. The process is the same for each of these, though Iíll illustrate with Internet Explorer. By default Internet Explorer will display something like this.

By selecting View, Toolbars (or right clicking on a toolbar) you can select the toolbars you wish to have visible. The standard ones available are Standard Buttons, Address Bar and Links. I personally I just disable the Links toolbar.

The Lock the Toolbars option, when Selected, locks the position of the toolbars wherever you have positioned them, removing the resizing bars and slightly reducing the size of the toolbar. Iíd recommend doing this once youíve finished customizing the toolbars as it provides a slightly bigger window. Should you need to reposition/resize the toolbars later simply Unselect the option as needed.

Now select View, Toolbars, Customize (Alternatively right click on a toolbar and select Customize).

Available/Current toolbar buttons. The left-hand list here can be used to select buttons to Add to the Standard Buttons toolbar. With the right-hand list you can re-arrange currently visible buttons or Remove unwanted ones.

Text options. This option specifies how descriptive text for toolbar buttons is displayed (The text is indicated in the Available/Current toolbar buttons menu):

Show text labels. This sets that descriptive text should be displayed beneath all toolbar buttons. Toolbar size is greatly increased when using this option.

Selective text on right. This sets that descriptive text is displayed to the right of certain buttons, e.g. Search. This provides a vertically smaller toolbar.

No text labels. This sets that no descriptive text is to be displayed. This provides the smallest possible toolbar & is recommended once you know what the buttons displayed do.

Icon options. This option specifies the size of the toolbar buttons Ė Small or Large icons. The advantages/disadvantages of each size should be apparent enough.

Pressing Reset will restore the default installation options for the toolbar, if needed for some reason. Once finished, press the Close button. Pictured beneath is the current toolbar setup which I use, as you can see, itís a lot smaller than the initial setup & contains only the buttons which I need.


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