Max Payne tweak guide

Configuration Utility

Begin by executing your Max Payne shortcut; this will initially load the Configuration utility (As stated above you can disable this via the Command line for the game).

Display Adapter. This drop-down menu allows you to select the Graphics Card to be used for rendering Max Payne, this won’t be of much use unless you have multiple Graphics Cards installed, in which case you should select whichever card provides best Direct3D performance, e.g. if you have a Geforce 2 & Voodoo 2 installed select the Geforce 2.

Screen Mode. Selecting a lower resolution can improve performance & maintain a stabler, higher frame rate. Higher resolutions look better (sharper & smaller jagged edges), they also tend to run slower. This all depends on how slow/fast your system (Particularly Graphics card) is of course. 1024 * 768 would be ideal in Max Payne for most users.

Select x 16 for best performance, but reduced visual quality (More apparent banding). Select x 32 for best visual quality (Less apparent banding), although performance will be reduced – especially on older graphics cards. Using a 32-bit colour depth will also reduce rendering errors as it uses a higher Z-Buffer precision for performing depth calculations. Owners of Kyro 2 Chipset based Graphics Cards should leave this set to x 32.

Acceleration. This allows you to select which Direct3D HAL to use for rendering Max Payne. Those with Hardware T&L supporting Graphics Cards, e.g. Geforce 2, should set this to D3D Hardware T&L for best performance, while all others should set this to D3D Software T&L (This should be the only option available anyway for such Graphics Cards).

Now select the Options button.


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