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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Metal Gear Solid tweak guide


Metal Gear Solid tweak guide
Last Updated on October 12, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 3/4

Now select the Advanced button & hit Enter.

Rendering device. This setting allows you to select the renderer for Metal Gear Solid. You should only select Software if you have a really old video card which cannot render Metal Gear Solid in Direct3D. Even at this however the game will look rather bad. Select your graphics card for optimal image quality & performance, e.g. Voodoo 5 5500 AGP in my case. You should purchase a new graphics card if you are forced to render with Software rendering.

Graphics resolution. Select a lower resolution (800x600 or 640x480) should you find that the frame rate is low when playing. Graphics will be less appealing at lower resolutions, but it will run smoother, which is more important. High resolutions will give best image quality so select 1024x768 if at all possible.

Water and ninja effect. Set this to On to enable the water & ninja effects in the game. The water effect refers to the display rippling when underwater. The ninja effect refers to the translucency of his appearance at times. This setting is only effective when the ninja is visible (& using the stealth camouflage), or you are underwater. Setting this to Off will disable these effects, which will improve performance in these circumstances (The Ninja effect is particularly resource intensive). NOTE You cannot toggle this setting On/Off without restarting the game, so Save the game before you make any change.

You can find out how to further optimize the performance/visual quality of your graphics card in the TNT\GeForce, Voodoo3 & Voodoo4/5 tweaking guide. These can help you improve image quality/performance more than the Advanced Display Options menu can.


Load Metal Gear Solid, select Option then Graphics/Sound Options. Here you will find various options that control Audio settings.

Sound volume. Use this slider bar to adjust the volume level for Voice/Weapon sounds, etc. in the game. The further the slider is to the right, the louder & vice versa.

Music volume. Use this slider bar to adjust the volume level for Music in the game. The further the slider is to the right, the louder & vice versa.

You can find out how to further improve your audio experience in Metal Gear Solid by taking a look at the Soundcard/speaker tweaking guide, which will show you how to setup your soundcard & speakers properly.


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