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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Tweaking your modem (Windows 2000 edition)

Tweaking your modem
Last Updated on April 17, 2000 by Thomas McGuire


First of all, you should know what modem you are using. Right click on My computer then select Properties. Select the Hardware tab, then the Device manager button. Click on Modem to show the modem you have installed.

Next you need to get the latest drivers for your modem. Check your modem manufacturer for an updated driver. You should also flash your modem with the latest V90 code, if you have a V90 capable modem that is. You can find a list of manufacturers at Windrivers.

NOTE on Winmodems - Some of you may be using Winmodems. These are bad for many reasons (e.g. they increase CPU usage) & you should strongly consider purchasing a proper hardware modem. They can be tweaked to some extent though. Winmodem specific tweaks are mentioned where applicable. Thanks to Tim Proffer for this info.

Once you've installed the latest drivers/updates you can proceed onto the next step.

Init string

Open the Control Panel then select Phone & Modem options. Select the Modems tab. Select your modem & click on the Properties button. Select the Advanced tab.

In the Extra initialization commands field I suggest entering the following Init string into the space provided (NOTE: The strings below are for 3com/US Robotics modems, do NOT use it on non-3Com/USR modems, refer to your modem manual for appropriate strings). You can find modem Init strings for other brand modems at 56k.com. You should try to reference it with the appropriate version of the ones recommended below.


US Robotics Courier owners with a 25Mhz clock (not on earlier models) should use this AT%G1&F1&K3S15=2S11=38S27=16S0=0

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