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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Tweaking your modem

Tweaking your modem
Last Updated on March 28, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 4/8

Network settings

This section will show you how to further enhance your connection by editing the Network settings in Windows. Go into the Control Panel & open Network.

First remove as many unnecessary components/protocols as possible. The settings shown below will give you the best performance.

NOTE – Removing the Microsoft client (Microsoft Family logon) will mean that each time you try connect to the Internet you will be required to enter in your password (Ticking connect automatically & remember password will not work). This little inconvenience will however lower your ping time a few ms.

Re-boot once you've made your removals & re-enter the Network control panel. Windows may give you a "Your network is not complete" message. This is normal & your PC is perfectly ok. So select Yes to continue.

Select Dial-up Adapter & then hit Properties.

  • Under the Bindings tab, untick as many entries as you can, leaving only TCP/IP marked.
  • Under the Advanced tab, for Enable Point to point IP, select No.
  • For IP packet size select Large (read the Registry guide for more information on setting this).
  • For Record a log file, select No.
  • For Use IPX header compression, select No. Set this to Yes if you mainly browse the Internet/don’t play games online. Click Ok once all those changes have been made.

Now, select TCP/IP & hit Properties.

  • Under the NetBIOS tab, untick the box.
  • Under the DNS Configuration tab select Disable DNS.
  • Under the WINS Configuration tab, select Disable WINS resolution.
  • Under then IP Address tab choose Obtain an IP address automatically unless you already have a static IP address, most users will be assigned one by their ISP, this will change each time they connect to the Internet.
  • All other tabs should have no information/options in them.
Click Ok to make the changes. Then click Ok once again; You may need your Windows CD in the drive once the changes have been made, to install some things. Re-boot your PC for the changes to take affect.

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