Medal of Honor: Allied Assault tweak guide

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOH: AA from now on) is a well received World War II first person shooter game. If you have played the game before then you know its beautiful graphics can bring even the fastest systems to crawl at some point, specially during some of its rather large scale battles. This guide will take you through configuring the multitude of options available for the game and other useful information, such as getting 3D audio support in the Game.



Begin by downloading the latest patch for MOH: AA; this may resolve many of the bugs or other problems you may have encountered. You can find the latest patches for the Game at Electronic Arts.

Now download the latest Drivers for your Graphics card & Soundcard. This may solve (most) Input or Audio problems you might be having. There are links to various manufacturers on the Drivers page.

Install DirectX 8.1 on your system if you havenít done so yet. This may also fix problems with Sound & Input devices.

If you experience any lockups & such they might be caused by overclocking, if so try lowering the Memory/Core speed of the overclocked device.

Still having problem? Check EA technical support.


Config File

Settings used in the Game are stored in the unnamedsoldier.cfg file, located in the main\configs directory of where MOH: AA is installed, e.g. D:\MOHAA\main\configs. Later on in the Guide Iíll cover some setting which will required modifying this file. To do so simply open it with Notepad or (preferably) Wordpad.



Load MOH: AA select Options then the Video button.

Resolution. Selecting a lower resolution can improve performance & maintain a stabler, higher frame rate. Higher resolutions look better (sharper & smaller jagged edges), they also tend to run slower. This all depends on how slow/fast your system (Particularly Graphics card) is of course. 1024 x 768 would be ideal in MOH: AA for most users.

Color Depth. Set this to 16 bit for best performance, but reduced visual quality (More apparent color banding). Select 32 bit for best visual quality (Less apparent banding), although performance will be reduced Ė especially on older Graphics cards. Using a 32-bit colour depth will also reduce rendering errors as it uses a higher Z-Buffer precision for performing depth calculations & those with Kyro 1/2 Graphics cards should leave this set to 32 bit given the negligible performance difference as compared with other Graphics cards. Setting this to Default will use the regular Windows desktop colour depth, just select an option instead.

Texture Detail. This setting controls the resolution of textures used in the Game. Setting this to High will enable the use of sharper, more detailed textures, although performance can be lowered (Especially on low Video memory Graphics Cards). The Lower the setting the more blurred level textures will appear. If you intend to use High resolution textures be sure you have AGP Texturing enabled in the BIOS &/or a Graphics Card with 32MB or more of Video memory.

Texture Color Depth. This setting controls the quality of textures used in MOH: AA. 32 bit will provide best quality for textures used in the game, although this will also consume an even greater amount of video memory, as a result you shouldn't select this option unless you have a Graphics card with 32MB video memory or greater (Or supports AGP Texturing). Using 16 bit will provide the best texture quality/performance trade off & will also consume less Video memory as a result.

Texture Filter. Trilinear texture filtering operates by taking 4 samples (texels) from 2 neighbouring Mipmaps, applies a bilinear filter to them & then interpolates the results. This results in improved image quality, with more seamless transitions between Mipmap levels & enhanced texture detail compared to Bilinear filtering. Most modern Graphics cards should be able to use Trilinear with little performance problems, except for those (still, unfortunately) with 3dfx Graphics cards which should set this to Bilinear for best performance (As they cannot simultaneously perform Multi-texturing & Trilinear filtering).


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