Mouse tweak guide


Many Mouse problems that exist are related to games. Here are a few tips to try remedy any game issues. Of course, you should only need to try these should you experience Game issues.

1.       Install the latest drivers for the mouse (As shown earlier) & the latest patch available for the game.

2.       Disable Direct Input. This setting may, or may not be available in all Games however.

3.       Should find that your Mouse wheel isnt working try the following. Click on Start, Settings, then Mouse. In the Buttons tab re-assign the Wheel Button to a different button assignment. In the game bind the control setting to the key the Wheel button is assigned too.

USB vs. PS/2

Almost all mice available now are useable in the PS/2 or USB port (Most are packaged with a converter so they can use either). Both interfaces have their own different advantages & disadvantages however;

USB has a higher default sample rate 125Hz.

PS/2 only has a default sample rate of 40Hz (In Windows 9x/Me) & 60Hz (In Windows NT/2000). Although as youll see later on, you can increase this fairly easily.

USB however, is more CPU reliant than PS/2 (During periods of high CPU usage the mouse may behave/move erratically), something that wont appeal to most Gamers. You can improve USB performance slightly by doing the following however (NOTE The following may not be available on all systems). Right click on My Computer, select Properties (In Windows 2000/XP select Hardware next), then the Device Manager tab. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controllers & select your USB Universal Host Controller, e.g. VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller in the screenshot beneath.

Open it, then select the Advanced tab & Tick, Disable USB error detection. Restart your PC for the change to take effect. This can improve the responsiveness of USB mice & other USB devices attached to your system.

Mouse setup Intellipoint

The following section describes settings/options available in the Intellipoint 4.01 software. Although the majority of these settings are available in other mouse software packages too, such as Logitech Mouseware.

Click on Start, Settings, Mouse. NOTE The Hardware tab is not available in Windows 9x/Me.


Select the Buttons tab.

Connected Device. Use the drop-down menu here to select the Mouse that you have installed in your machine.

Button Assignments. Use this section to select the assignments for different buttons/wheel on your mouse. Customize this as you see fit or Restore Defaults instead.

Enable program-specific button settings. Ticking this setting will enable you to customize what action/task each Mouse Button is assigned to in different Applications. Should you enable this then select the Settings button.

Use the Add button to navigate to the exe file of the Application you to customize Buttons for, e.g. in my case Ive added the Word 2000 Application (winword.exe). Should you wish to remove an Application profile simply select it from the listing & hit the Remove button.

The section on the right hand side will vary depending on the Mouse you have installed, simple change the default button settings here as you see fit, e.g. in my case Ive assigned the Thumb Buttons to Cut & Paste respectively. Click Ok once you have made your changes.


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