No One Lives Forever Tweak Guide

Launch Utility

Whenever you launch NOLF you’ll load the games launch utility where you can make some initial configuration changes, many of which are very useful. Begin by loading NOLF & select the Display button.

Resolutions. Selecting a lower setting will improve performance & maintain a stable, higher frame rate. Although, higher resolutions will look better, they generally run slower. Set this to 16 bit for optimal performance also. If your card supports it you can select 32 bit for best image quality, although performance may be reduced. Click Ok & now select the Advanced button.

Disable sound. Tick this to setting to disable the in-game audio from playing. This will improve performance significantly, but obviously the game will be muted. Leave this setting Unticked to enable the in-game audio being played. You should have no real reason to Tick this setting.

Disable music. Tick this to setting to disable the in-game music from playing. This will improve performance, which can be useful on slower systems. Leave this setting Unticked to enable the in-game music being played. NOTE – Ticking this setting will disable adjusting the music volume level via the in-game menu (Not that it makes a difference of course).

Disable movies. Tick this to setting to disable the intro movies (Fox/Monolith/Lithtech movies) from being played. I’d highly recommend doing this as there’s no real reason why you’d want to view them every time you want to play the game.

Disable fog. Tick this setting to disable the use of volumetric fog in NOLF (Effects such as space filling & fog). This can improve performance. Untick this setting for best visual quality as it will enable fogging to be used where appropriate in levels.

Disable joysticks. Tick this setting unless you intend to use a Joystick to play the game, however mouse & keyboard is the best way to play NOLF. Performance may improve slightly if you Tick it anyway.

Disable triple buffering. Unticking this setting can improve performance (Triple buffering allocates a 3rd frame buffer. This frame buffer can improve performance by allowing the hardware to render at the same time that the 3D application performs other tasks), although it will require extra video memory. Certainly Tick this if you have less than 16MB of video memory on your graphics card as this requires extra video memory.

Disable hardware cursor. Leave this setting Unticked unless you have an old graphics card, this will yield smoothest mouse movements. Ticking this will Disable hardware cursor acceleration, which may improve performance slightly (Useful if you have a slow system), although can make mouse movement less sensitive as a result.

Disable animated load screen. Tick this setting to disable the animated Loading whenever you are loading a new level/game. This setting doesn’t really have any effect on load time so Untick/Tick this setting at your own discretion.

Restore default settings. Ticking this setting will load NOLF will the installation default configuration settings in place (Controls, Sound, Visual options, etc.). This is only really necessary for troubleshooting purposes. Leave it Unticked at all other times.

Command-Line. You can enter more optional switches into this field. Commands which may be used can be derived from your autoexec.cfg in the root directory where NOLF is installed. Right click on this file, select Open with & use Notepad to open it. For example, to disable Screen flashes enter in +ScreenFlash 0 (In the autoexec.cfg this would appear as "ScreenFlash" "0.000000"). This may be useful if you wish to create a list of commands to use without wanting to change settings via the in-game menus.

Always specify these command-line parameters. If you have entered any command-lines in the Command-Line field then you can Tick this setting to have NOLF always launch using them. Untick this setting if you want the Commands entered to be used this time only.

Customize. This setting will only be of use if you have any Custom Maps installed for NOLF. If you have any installed & you wish to Play/Host them in Multiplayer then select this button & select the .rez files you intend to use.


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