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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Quake 3 Arena tweak guide

Quake 3 Arena tweak guide
Last Updated on December 21, 2000 by Thomas McGuire

General config tweaks

Once youve all your basic settings chosen open your Config file using Notepad & Add/edit the following lines. Search for the following lines & edit the x value as appropriate.

com_hunkMegs "x". This sets the amount of memory available to Quake 3. A general guideline to setting this value would be 2/3 of RAM. Keep in mind Windows needs about 16MB RAM minimum to run. You should also have closed all other programs before running Quake 3.

com_zoneMegs x. x sets the amount of memory available to Quake 3 for use when entering commands/scripts into the console or config files. Increasing this value can fix some of the crashes that users experienced by entering long commands/scripts into the console or config files. Leave this value alone, or perhaps lower it if you dont experience such errors.

cg_autoswitch "x". Set this to 0 to disable auto switching of collected weapons. This setting wont affect performance, but Im sure no-one wants to switch from the Rocket launcher to a shotgun just because they walked over it.

seta cg_drawRewards "x". Setting x to 1 enables the Announcer awards to be played during the game, e.g. Impressive. A setting of 0 will disable these during the game (they are announced at the end of the map still though). Id recommend setting this to 1, that way you wont feel too bad when eventually get gibbed.

bot_fastchat x. Setting x to 0 disables off the pre-recorded phrases that the bots use. E.g. "Awww yeah!" is used by Anarki.

bot_nochat x. Setting x to 1 disables the frequent chatting that bots partake in during a game. Performance improvements may be negligible, but you dont really read what they have to say do you?

Graphics CFG

Open your Config file using Notepad/Wordpad & Add/edit the following lines. Search for the following lines (If they already exist) & edit the x value as appropriate;

cg_brassTime "x", this sets the amount of time that ammo casings stay visible, the default is 1250. A setting of 0 disables this & will improve performance a little. Id recommend doing this for online play, unless you like to see spent ammo on the ground for no useful reason.

cg_draw2D "x". Give this a value of 1 to enable 2d items to be drawn. Items such as the HUD would fall into this category so leave this enabled.

cg_drawCrosshair "x". A value of 0 for x will remove the crosshair, which will make aiming making more difficult. 1 (or greater) enables a crosshair (Of varying types). Leave this setting alone.

cg_drawCrosshairNames "x". Set this to 1 to allow the name of the targeted person or item to appear. 0 will disable this. Its probably best to set this to 1, particularly in multiplayer games.

cg_drawFPS x. A value of 1 for x will enable the display of a small counter on the screen showing your current frame rate. This may help you in tweaking your game for the best performance/image quality trade off.

cg_drawGun "x". Set x to 1 to enable weapons to be shown on your screen. A setting of 0 will improve FPS but no weapon will be drawn. Visibility will improve a little with this but youll want to know what weapon you have. Id recommend leaving this set to 1.

cg_forceModel "x". Setting this to 1 forces all players to use the same model in multiplayer. This can improve performance by reducing texture memory usage (only 1 player model is used for all players), although therell be no way to distinguish between players. Id recommend leaving this at 0 unless you are using a graphics card with a low amount of video memory.

cg_marks "x". Set x to 1 to enable marks on the ground/walls being displayed. A setting of 0 may improve performance a little. Although this is somewhat dependant on how bad your aim is. Id recommend setting this to 0 for online play.

cg_shadows "x". A setting of 0 disables shadows (recommended). 1 enables, basic, circular shadows. 2 will enable volumetric shadows (You must also set r_stencilbits "8"). Enabling shadows will reduce performance.

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