How to Volt-mod your ATI Radeon videocard


Volt Modding

Now you have reached the point where things can really go wrong. Up until here any mistakes wouldn’t be fatal in most cases but if you do something wrong from this point and on, expect to have a dead graphics card, and possibly also a dead mainboard and power supply in the process :).

Only perform these modifications when you fully understand the formula for calculating the resistance of your card. Unless otherwise stated, all measurements should be done when the card is installed in the PC and PC turned on and running.

I will make a small note here, I read on a forum that by raising the voltage sent to the card through the Molex connector a pretty good increase in overclock could be attained.
However I do not have a power supply that lets me change my 5v line, and neither like this guy had a small power supply for only the graphics card. Apparently the card only draws power from the 5v line. I see three possible ways of performing this mod:

·         The easiest way is if your power supply has potentiometers that allow for this, open it up and have a look. Remember to NOT ground yourself though and work with only one hand because the voltages can kill you!

·         Another method would be to fool the 5v sense signal on your ATX cable, here is a link on how to do exactly that, this will allow you to increase the voltage via a potentiometer on the rail of your choice (3.3v, 5v or 12v)

·         The last method would be to simply use another power supply that has the ability to adjust the 5v rail, perhaps a small 5v PSU for just the graphics card?

There are currently 4 known voltage mods that can be done on the Radeon board, one is the so-called “VREF” (Reference Voltage) mod, and this mod is only for people with 9700 non-pro boards. These boards have had their VREF lowered compared to the “pro” boards so increasing it on those can help. See info at the last pictures in this guide.

The other is the “VDDQ” mod (internal chipset voltage for the processor.) However increasing its voltage only made things worse, decreasing that voltage however might help but I have not tried it, details for this will be provided in the pictures at the end of the guide.


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