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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Rune tweak guide


Rune tweak guide
Last Updated on January 02, 2000 by Thomas McGuire


Rune is a highly acclaimed game developed by Human Head Studios & powered by the Unreal engine. Although for some its performance has not been as good as expected. This guide will hopefully show you how to get the best out of Rune, be it graphics, audio, netplay or whatever.


Overclocking, Rune is sensitive to overclocking, if your system is overclocked & you have problems running Rune, e.g. lockups during the game, try restoring the machine or video card to its default speed, or applying more cooling.

Install DirectX 8.0 on your system; you need it to use Direct3D & other features. DirectX 8.0 has also been shown to improve performance for Rune on many systems, particularly those running the game in Direct3D.

Patch it; get the latest patch for Rune, currently that is 1.01, available here, you can also download the Bonus Map Pack here.

Drivers, it is essential to get the latest drivers for you video card & sound card. You can find links to many hardware manufacturers on our Drivers page. This can solve (some) display or audio problems you might have encountered. nVidia card owners are recommended to have the latest official drivers installed. Although certain higher (Leaked) revisions come recommended from many.

If you get menu distortion while using an nVidia card try (re)setting the Texel alignment to 3 in the Windows Display Settings menu.

If you are experiencing problems with your mouse try updating your mouse drivers or Unitcking (Disabling) Direct Input.

If these few tips do not answer all your concerns you should check out our comprehensive Unreal Tournament FAQ, which contains many additional troubleshooting answers & more. While this obviously is not the same game, the engines are both the same & as such many issues encountered in Rune may be mentioned in the UT FAQ already.

This guide has been prepared on the demo & 1.01 version of Rune. While the tweaks apply to the original retail version (1.00), it does not contain the fixes contained in the 1.01 patch.

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