Sacrifice Tweak guide

Sacrifice is a highly acclaimed game developed by Shiny Entertainment & powered by a stunning graphics engine. Although for some its performance has not been as good as expected. This guide will show you how to get the best out of Sacrifice, be it Graphics/Performance, Audio, Multiplayer or whatever.


You should begin by installing the latest patch for Sacrifice, which includes a load of Bug fixes/optimizations & other changes over the retail version. You can download the latest patch at 3D Files.

Install DirectX 8.0A or later on your system if not already installed. This can fix problems with Sound & Input devices, or some Display issues. It may also improve performance, although this may vary depending on how well your drivers are optimized for DirectX 8. The latest Sacrifice patch requires DirectX 8 installed anyway so itd be best to have the latest version.

You should also have the latest drivers for your Graphics card & Soundcard. This may solve (some) Rendering or Audio problems you may have encountered. There are links to numerous manufacturers on our Drivers page.

Should you use an older graphics card & experience graphical problems try Ticking either Disable Fogging (Fixes the blue/grey shades only visible in the game) or Disable triangle strips (Fixes the Missing limbs problem).

If you at anytime see the word FAIL appear on screen in the game then try lowering the Character Texture Resolution/Texture Resolution settings or try increasing the AGP Aperture size in the BIOS. This error message is a warning that your system has run out of Video/AGP memory.

If you are having problems running the game (Performance or otherwise) on Windows 2000 then try checking our Windows 2000 Compatibility/Performance guide.


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