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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Sea Dogs Tweak Guide

Sea Dogs Tweak Guide
Last Updated on January 04, 2000 by Thomas McGuire

Music. Untick this to setting to disable the in-game music from playing. This will improve performance. Leave this setting Ticked to enable the in-game music being played. Iíd recommend leaving this setting Unticked.

Music Volume. Use the slider bar here to set the volume level for music in the game. The further to the right, the louder & vice versa.

Sea Dogs also appears to offer EAX support, although I havenít tested this properly yet, so please feel free to inform me regarding whether or not this works. Open your engine.ini file in the SeaDogs directory. Search for the line EAX 0. Change the 0 to 1 to enable EAX support. This can improve audio quality (More realistic), although performance may be reduced as a result. Reset it back to 0 to disable EAX support for optimal performance.

You can further improve your audio experience in Sea Dogs by taking a look at the Soundcard/speaker tweaking guide to setup your soundcard/speakers properly.


Load Sea Dogs & select the Options menu.

Invert mouse Horizontal. Tick this setting to invert the y-axis of the mouse. This means pulling Back (towards you) on the mouse will result in moving/looking up & vice versa.

Invert mouse Vertical. Tick this setting to invert the x-axis of the mouse. This means scrolling Left on the mouse will result in moving right & vice versa.

Customize. If you wish to edit the controls used in Sea Dogs then select this button.

If you are using a mouse (Which most of you will be) you can find out how to further tweak that device in our Mouse tweak guide.


Your Sea Dogs gaming experience should now be greatly improved with better visuals & audio & minimal performance loss. This guide may be updated when new patches become available. Email me if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.

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