Tweaking your system startup/booting

Windows Millennium Edition

Click on Start, Run type in msconfig & hit Enter. Now select the General tab. This tab contains a few bootup minimizing options.

In the General tab you should select Selective startup as your Startup selection & Untick the Load environmental variables setting. This will give both optimal boot time & system performance. Now select the Startup tab.

For optimal bootup time Untick all unnecessary items listed here (With the exception of SystemTray).

A good listing of Programs that may appear here can be found at this page. This should help you decide on what else you can Untick if you aren’t too sure about some of them. Once you have finished this select Apply then hit Ok. You will need to Reboot your system for any changes to take effect. Further into the guide I’ll cover how to delete Unticked options from being displayed here altogether.

msdos.sys & system.ini

Available in Windows 9x & Millennium Edition, both of these files contain many settings that can affect how Windows boots up. With some options effecting loading time & others useful for avoiding potential compatibility problems.

First you’ll need to ensure these files can be accessed easily. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel & open the Folder Options applet. Select the View tab & select Show hidden files and folders & Untick Hide protected operating system files. Hit Apply then the Ok button.

Now open the root directory of where Windows is installed. This should be C:\ for basically everyone. Right click on msdos.sys & select Properties. Untick the Read-only file attribute & click on Apply (You can leave this file property box open as you’ll need to use it again soon). Again, right click on msdos.sys & select Open with then select a Text editor to open it – Notepad will do just fine though.

[Paths]. None of the lines in the [Paths] section should need to be modified. Basically just ignore them.

[Options]. In this section a whole load of settings can be added. NOTE – Do not delete the ;xxx lines, as noted in the description. Commands which are being added can be inserted beneath or above the ; lines & are as follows:

AutoScan=x. NOTE - This setting can only be used in Windows 95 SR 2 or later (This shouldn’t be a problem for anyone now, hopefully). x sets how Scandisk is used after a bad shutdown, e.g. after a power failure. A setting of 0 for x sets that Scandisk is not run. A value of 1 for x gives a user prompt before running Scandisk. A value of 2 for x does not prompt the user before running Scandisk but prompts you before fixing errors if any errors are found. I’d recommend leaving this set to 1 or 2 to check no errors occurred on your hard drive after a bad shutdown.

BootDelay=x. x specifies the amount of time, in seconds, the Starting Windows message is displayed before Windows 95 continues loading. For optimal boot time set this to 0. NOTE - This setting is not supported in Windows 98/Me & should be deleted if you have Windows 98/Me installed & had previously added this.


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