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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide

Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide
Last Updated on November 16, 2000 by Thomas McGuire


Overclocking, Unreal Tournament is sensitive to overclocking, if your system is overclocked & you have problems running Unreal Tournament, e.g. lockups during the game, try restoring the machine or video card to its default speed, or applying more cooling.

Install DirectX 7.0A (or later) on your system; you need it to use Direct3D & other features.

Patch it; get the latest patch for Unreal Tournament, currently that is 436, available for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000 here, Linux here & Mac here. This will ensure you have the most current version of the game & all the included fixes/optimizations as a result.

Drivers, it is essential to get the latest drivers for you video card & sound card. Check our Drivers page for links to many different hardware manufacturers drivers pages. This may solve (some) display or audio problems you might have encountered. This is particularly important for nVidia card owners, who should have the latest Official (Or otherwise) drivers installed.

If you get menu distortion while using an nVidia card try (re)setting the Texel alignment to 3 in the Windows Display Settings menu.

If you are experiencing problems with your mouse try updating your mouse drivers or Unticking DirectInput in the Input menu.

Users of ZoneAlarm will need to authorize Unreal Tournament to access both local & internet access. Doing this eliminates a crash that occurs while refreshing servers with ZoneAlarm on.

If these few tips do not answer all your concerns you should check out our comprehensive Unreal Tournament FAQ, which contains many additional troubleshooting solutions & more.

This guide has been prepared on the 436 version of Unreal Tournament. While the tweaks apply to the original retail version (400) & any versions before 436, they do not contain the fixes contained in the 436 patch.

IMPORTANT To gain access to the Advanced Options menu, load Unreal Tournament, press the tab/tilde key, then type preferences & hit Enter. Please note this, as you will be using the Advanced Options menu a lot.


There are some general settings, which you need to change before you go messing around with anything else. Open the Advanced options menu, select Advanced, then Game engine settings. Set CacheSizeMegs to somewhere around 4 to 8MB. I've mine set to 8MB (Some machines might find a setting of or system RAM to work better).

You can also change the cache directory to another partition/drive/folder. Open Advanced, File system & edit the CachePath setting to the directory of your choice.

To get Unreal Tournament to load faster you should open your UnrealTournament.ini. Search for the line LocalMap=CityIntro.unr change it to LocalMap=UT-Logo-Map.unr & save the changes. The game should now load faster than it currently does. Press the Esc key to bring up the Unreal Tournament GUI.

Some users may find that the game freezes momentarily when a new weapon/item is selected. This is not video card specific. Try increasing your cache size as described below. Re-installing the game may also fix it, or try lowering the Texture detail to Medium.

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