2 iexplorer.exe's running

By waddles12
Aug 23, 2009
  1. Hey! I'm new to these forums and need some help. I noticed that in task manager that i have 2 iexplorer.exe's running at the same time. so i looked it up on the net and found that i should only have 1. but, just about all the cases that said it was a virus had said that when they close internet explorer, neither of the iexplorer.exe's goes away in task manager. when i close internet explorer, they both go away in task manager. i ran avg, malwarebytes, spyware doctor, and registry mechanic and they found nothing. unlike other cases i read about, this isnt bogging down my whole system, just the internet speed. i can browse most pages fine, but cant watch videos, download big files, or play games online due to the lag. i also noticed that when i unistall IE8 and use IE7, i only have 1 iexplorer.exe in task manager, but the internet speed is slow like before with IE8. any help will be much appriciated. i also attached 2 hyjackthis log files, one with internet explorer running and one not. thanks!
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    It is normal to have multiple iexplore.exe processes with IE8.
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