3800+ X2 or Pentium D 945

Sep 24, 2006
  1. These two processors cost the same, except the Pentium D 945 is 3.4ghz lol, i mean thats a good selling point, when i go to sell this ill be like yeah, its got 2 3.4ghz processors, and nubs will be like yay w00t. But i dont know which actually performs better, except the X2 only has 1mb of cache, vs the 4mb of the pentium d. I am wondering which will actually perform better.
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    Bump, I would appreciate advice :)
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Why not get a Conroe instead? The E6300 is quite cheap and it destroys both those processors. If u want to upgrade to Conroe in the future (it'll probably get cheaper as the Core 2 Quadro releases next month) then get an LGA775 mobo supporting Core 2 Duo and Pentium D processors and buy the Pentium D. But when it boils down to the Athlon X2 versus the Pentium D, the X2 wins hands down.
    If you're wondering why: The Pentium D uses NetBurst architecture which makes it terribly slower than the slower clocked Athlon X2 per cycle i.e. the higher clocked Pentium D does lesser work per cycle than a lower clocked Athlon X2.
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    The world hasn't actually seen the need for a dual-core processor, unless you are a very, very heavy gamer. Not all programs are benefitting from it either. I would go with the X2. Although, it has less cache, that also means less latency in the longrun.
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