3Dmark05 score after Overclocking

By DonNagual
Nov 7, 2004
  1. I had a score of 2150 Last week. Now, I have added an extra 512Mb of ram (total 1Gb) and OCd my CPU to an Athalon 3200+.

    My benchmark score is now 2250. An increase of only 100. Does this sound right?
  2. Tarkus

    Tarkus TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 621

    Yes, Ram and CPU won't have much affect on 3DMark05 scores. OCing your video card might get you another 100-200 points but any big gains will require a new X series ATI card or 6x00 nVidia card.
  3. raptor15sc

    raptor15sc TS Rookie


    i got 5476 on 3Dmark05. heres my system specs :D

    Intel P4 3.2Ghz 1MB @ 3.9GHZ
    OCZ Eliminator2 Heatsink/Fan (For up to 3.2Ghz =P)
    Artic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
    2GB (1GBx2)*DDR400 GEIL Dual Channel @ 245Mhz
    PNY 6800GT 256MB @ 425Mhz GPU 1140Mhz RAM
    Hitachi*SATA150 80GB
    ABIT IS7-E

    3Dmark05 Score: 5387
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