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By Urdal
Jun 26, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I recently upgraded to win7 since I added a new Motherboard / CPU / RAM, although I use the same graphics card as earlier.

    When I use svideo (7 pin to 4 pin converter, and then to the tv), I get no color.
    I had colour for a few minutes earlier before I changed resolution on the tv to something it couldn't handle, and it's quite random with what resolutions it now accepts (This wasn't a problem before win7 got installed).

    I got the newest drivers from Nvidia, and both the TV and the comp is set to PAL, I've also tried changing to NTSC on both ends, but that didn't work either.

    Since I got colors a bit earlier, it cant really be a physical problem with cable etc, and thus ends up as a software issue on the machine.
    Any ideas to what might fix this?
  2. Urdal

    Urdal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The tv also goes from a Black and White image to flickering if I change the resolution on the PC screen and not the TV, and all the GPU got low and nice temp.

    And the tv randomly goes flickering or give a Black and White image when choosing resolution on the TV. Sometimes it goes flickering, sometimes not...

    *downloads an older driver to see if that works*
  3. Urdal

    Urdal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Old driver didn't work, but after another close to 30 mins of working on it, it randomly started viewing in colour when I didn't do anything to it, so not touching any settings now....

    But I would really like to find a permanent fix for the next time I want to use the TV to avoid the hours I've now spent working on this :(
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