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By TechGamer
Jul 10, 2013
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  1. So im currently between a big decision to make in my life ive been studying computer studies since 4 years now and its time I made a huge step in my way to finding a career for the future ive been always interested in the computer technology and how it works which is why it is probably the only subject I probably ever mostly succeeded in school but now it is time to choose between which Computer subject I will have to specify in my studies if it is

    Networking and System studies
    Or Software programming

    I know were are alot of techies here and all have had your fair share in these lines of work if u can please atleast share the goods and bads what jobs could I look for in the future with these lines of work

    Ive always been messing around with computers and I like systems how there built building them and knowing what there made of what parts have different from each other and look stuff up but at the same time I seem to have had a talent in the past 3 years in java work not that it really was special just my teachers would tell me that im good at it but it was basic, these reasons lead me to make this post hopefully I get some good feedback from you guys

    Thank you,TechGamer
  2. Jad Chaar

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    Programming is hard. You need to really like programming to enjoy it. It is tedious, but fun once you learn it. jobeard can help you out with the networking decision.
  3. TechGamer

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    well the thing that puts me out first of all was that after a half year withouth programming I almost forgot everything and with my mates I lacked abit in programming for some while but I still got great ideas in programming but the other thing is every time I talk with some who took programming says that the programming lectures and lessons are boring as hell which keeps making me lose confidence in it

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