A7N8X Deluxe Bios problem

By jonathan1973
Dec 12, 2004
  1. Hope someone can help me! Just tried flashing Bios to latest version 1008 but half way through it got stuck, after leaving it for an hour i restarted the pc. All i get now is "BIOS Checksum error" and "insert system disk". When i insert a floppy with awdflash on it, awdflash loads but just says "source file not found" the disk has the 1008 bios and a copy of my old bios on it but nothing happens. If anybody can help me i would appreciate it.
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    yup i had the same problem but i no whats wrong. I have the same motherboard, you will have to check the revision of you motherboard ( its inbetween the pci slots, it says ASUS A7N8X Deluxe then in small writing the revision) Note the revision you have ( i have 1.04) then on the ASUS website download the newest version (1008) but get the one thats compatible with your revision. You probably have downloaded the update for the 2.0 revision. Then copy onto the floppy and itll read it fine in the FLASH utiliy. (note: Write down the name of the update file e.g ?????.bin. You will need this when you type in the source file)
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