about video files& Nero 5.5

By simona
Aug 23, 2003
  1. Hello everyone !
    I wish to thank you all for answering me to a previous message.And I'd like to ask you other Qs.
    1/I don't know how to open "avi " video files.I've tried wmplayer 7.1 and winamp 2.91;both failed opening the video files having this extension.I'm using win98se.
    2/I was trying to burn mp3 files stored in my computer as audio CD.But Nero 5.5 was burning them either in a random or in an alphabetical order.I don't know how to select this order.The same problem appears when i try to copy an audio CD to an audio copy; ie , the files don't come in the same order as on the original CD.
    Please give me your input.Thank you in advance.
  2. ToRN

    ToRN TS Rookie Posts: 156

    1) You probably need a codec also. Some avi are coded in a special compression algorithm, like Divx f.i. To be able to read those file you need the appropriate codec. You can download it at (don't get the ad-ware enabled pro version) or you could get the codec pak klcodec at any k-lite site.

    2) Try not using the wizard. Onces in the 'new cd' windows, you can change the order manually.
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