Ad Hoc Network won't receive packets on either machine.

By kraugie
Jan 5, 2006
  1. I am having a strange problem here. I'm setting up two laptops to communicate ad hoc for file sharing. I set it up from memory at first (I haven't done too many ad hoc networks). It says they are connected, but they still don't see each other (by the way, they are in the same workgroup, with shared folders on each) So then i followed the instructions on Microsofts site (minus ics) same result. The computers in question are a Compaq Presairo 2100 series laptop: XP Pro, and a Dell inspiron 2200: XP Home.

    When I connect through a router the dell can see the compaq but the compaq wont see the dell. I was wondering if XP Home's limitations are preventing it from being seen on the network somehow. This needs to be setup ad hoc, as the person I'm doing this for, doesn't have a router to work through.

    any help is greatly appreciated
  2. kraugie

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    When connected through a router, they both see each others shares just fine, ad hoc doesn't want to share though. Still says it's connected though. When I ad hoc the compaq with a desktop with xp pro on it, there are no problems with sharing... I'm thinking it has something to do with ad hoc between Home and Pro... can someone please verify this, or offer some suggestions?
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