Adelphia Racket

By AtK SpAdE
Jun 7, 2005
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  1. Me and my buddy both have Adelphia high speed intrnet. In my town, they are the only high speed carier. No Other cable Brands, no DSL offered either. My bud lives right up the street from me. Well he has Xbox live, (which i do not) and after a few months he started complaining about very laggy connections. So i did a test, and it so normal speeds uploading and downloading, but i did notice a slow connection. So he finnaly got fed up with the speed, so he called the company. They came out, and verifed that his speeds were fine...but they said "do you have console gaming?" he said yes. Well, it turns out they can tell if you have online consolues, and if you do, they do something to induce packet loss. Now to get rid of the packet loss, hy want him to pay 25 dollars more a month. All f this because he used xbox live. I would dump the company if we could, but that is th only option we have over 56k..It is a racket


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