Adobe unveils Creative Suite 5.5 with subscription options

By Jos
Apr 11, 2011
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  1. Adobe has rolled out an upgrade for Creative Suite, version 5.5, that better integrates with touch-based tablets or smartphones and serves up a subscription model that lets users rent individual programs for a monthly or yearly fee instead of buying them upfront. The launch marks a major change to Adobe's product release strategy for Creative Suite, which now targets mid-cycle releases every 12 months and major releases every 24 months.

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  2. Great. Instead of fixing rampant, glaring, and embarrassing defects, Adobe is dicking around with touchscreen crap that is largely irrelevant for its user base. Art and design apps are prime examples of ones that are ill-suited to imprecise and cumbersome touchscreens, yet here they are wasting development resources on this usage.

  3. This a really a *****ic thing.
    I use CS5 every day. Only because everybody else is using it. It hasn't changed much in 5 years and they're trying to suck more money out of us.
    Subscription? I'm supposed to pay them $1200 a year for the privilege of using their bloated software?
    And desktop publishing on a touch screen? How lame can you get?
  4. This is Awesome! Sorry for the folks who calculated a year's subscription as $1200, cuz the idea's that you use a month here & there when you need it on a project. Great move into this wonderful millenieum Adobe, Bravo! JD Griffin: :)
  5. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    I welcome this business model. I hope that the upgrade cost to point is less than the full point release. I'm also, glad they are nolonger doing the 12 month full version release cycle. It was driving me crazy... Now if Autodesk would do something with their software...

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