Advice on Spirite, please?

By emmpe
Sep 3, 2007
  1. There's a welcome message for me when I log in, complaining that I haven't posted anything for a while, so all right, how about this?
    I consider buying Spinrite after some experience of it's achievments, but there's a few things that bug me. First thing: The GRC webpage. It's not convincing. I admit that it's layout is very readable but there are too many references to "satisfied customers" and too much hyping of the developer. Where I live this is associated with vendors of quack medicine, therapies and gadgets. And though there's a lot of good educational stuff on hardware issues, there's also too much telling us how outstanding the software is, considering how meagre the user's guide is. And how about those levels 6 and 7? Is this classified information in some way? Why? Click the link to "support2006" and you'll get 64 IE windows saying "can't find". Do they really stand up against the US government by not charging European customers with VAT like they say? And so on.
    I do like what I've seen of SR and I do think I really need it. It's just that some things about its marketing make me uneasy. So I would appreciate if someone with a more profound knowledge of the product could provide some consumer's advice. And maybe even tell what levels 6 and 7 really do?
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