After four reformats Windows still not working right

By terry5880
Apr 3, 2011
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  1. Hi all i have tried reformatting a pc i just bought for £10 old 1. when using win pro 1st time after formatt looks like an oil painting where all the colours have run ,, next time used diff disc and it was fine till i done win update to sp2 then prob with visual again. and then also said all the times tht windows been blocked due to out of date windows etc . then tell me to buy a new code key thing it wont let me put 1 in anywhere plsss help
  2. LGhost

    LGhost TS Rookie

    This is not a place to text message, you need to use full sentences and punctuation.

    Avoid making it seem like your copy of Windows is illegal even if it isn't or no one will help.

    Your information is not clear and not full. Be hopeful that you only need the correct drivers, you may have bad parts though.

    How bad is the color issue?
    How long does it last?

    What are you formatting for?
    Did you use the computer before formatting and did it have this problem before you formatted the first time?

    Which version Windows do you have? XP, Vista, 7
    Is it 64bit Windows?

    Right click "[My] Computer" and click properties to find out...

    Make your way to the "Control Panel" and open "System" Look for "Device Manager" and click it. You should see a list, look for a yellow question mark or exclamation mark, you may have to click the arrows to see everything.
    If you see one, name what it is next to in your reply.

    Knowing what your graphics card and motherboard may help too

    If you are unsure, this program will tell us. Belarc Advisor (Direct Download)

    The full report may prove to be more helpful so download and install the program on the computer with problems. The report will open in a browser, click "File" in the top left corner of the browser and go to "Save Page As" (something like that), save it to the desktop and leave it there until your problem is solved.

    For now, while viewing the report,
    Copy the following and paste in your reply

    Operating System and the information under it.
    Processor and the information under it.
    Drives and the information under it.
    Display and the information under it.
    Main Circuit Board and the information under it.
    Memory Modules and the information under it.

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