Again, about my old pal - Radeon 9800Pro

By uNreal
Aug 5, 2004
  1. hi guys !
    some months ago i posted a topic about some problem with my video card ( i dont remember what it was ) , now i have another.
    I overclocked my radeon to 439/742 (but it doesn't matter really) and now i have these "artefacts" - white points/spots everywhere on the screen. No, it's not that the speeds are to high or something, other games run well, but I encounter this problem ONLY when it comes to Pixel Shaders 2.0 (3dMark03 test, Doom3) ...
    I didn't try this with 3dmark03, but when i put ONLY 10 mhz higher core and memory, the artifacts are still present, but ofcourse they are few. But still, why is it caused?
    By the way, i can just put the default clocks everytime i play Doom3, and put the overclocked profile other times, but is it safe to do that ? To change clocks 3,4 times a day ?
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