Age of Empires II Multiplayer Issue

By Anonymous Danny
Dec 17, 2005
  1. Hey, here is the situation. Whenever I host a game of Age of Empires II (TCP/IP connection for DirectPlay), sometimes I get an issue depending on who is playing.

    Me (DSL) + Friend 1 (Cable) = Works Fine
    Me + Friend 2 (DSL) = Works Fine
    Me + Friend 3 (56k) = Works Fine
    Me + Friend 1 and 2 = Doesn't work
    Me + Friend 1 and 3 = Doesn't work
    Me + Friend 2 and 3 = Works fine

    In the situations that it doesn't work, it will just go to the loading screen and say it is waiting for someone. If any of my friends leave, the game starts up. From the information above, it seems like the problem is either with Friend 1's PC
    (joining with others) or mine (in hosting). Does anyone know how to fix something like this, if its portforwarding or with ISPs. Completely lost on how to fix this
  2. Nvidiamaster

    Nvidiamaster TS Rookie

    have you tried others hosting sometime it does make a difference. contact me for more help. ill get back to you as soon as posible.
  3. Nvidiamaster

    Nvidiamaster TS Rookie

    sometimes the person with the slowest internet has to host
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