By SwimChao
Oct 8, 2008
  1. Hello again,

    I've been here once before for those of you who may be able to assist me and don't know.

    When routinely using a computer of mine (To be precise, editing "levels" for a game) I came across an error where none of the graphics would show up. Now, at first Ithought nothing of this..

    But then my computer rebooted itself. I figured it wasn't good so, I checked my msconfig to see what exactly is starting up that could maybe contribute to a problem. Well, I came across a "AGRSMMSG.exe" that was starting it up, I immediatley googled and saw "Backdoor trojan". But, it's the internet, so I figured I'd take it to a more professional opinion.


    I'm running a semi-hefty virus/spyware/adware scan to make sure my computer IS clean other than that.

    Is this file known to have been bad? What should I do if it's undetected in my scanners?

    (PS: I have not yet ran a HJT for logs, because I figured I'd ask about the program first)
    Edit: I've attached HJT logs, just incase.
  2. BillAllen55

    BillAllen55 TS Maniac Posts: 368

    The 8-step virus/trojan remover Techspot

    Please visit this guide page at Techspot and follow all 8 steps.
    Please resist by passing any of the steps.
    Good luck

  3. SwimChao

    SwimChao TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 106

    Does this mean it is infected?

    My scannings didn't pick anything up. Once I cancelled the process on startup, it didn't startup again.

    I also haven't noticed anything since the tileset def on the level editor, which I fixed with a script.

  4. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Posts: 572   +6

    This is a legitimate file. There might be an issue with a piece of hardware. your graphics card might have gone bad. Do you have another to swap for the one currently being used?

    Your system needs to be updated with the latest updates from microsoft.
  5. SwimChao

    SwimChao TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 106

    I do not have another graphics card, but my computer is currently running in an okay state.. If you guys didn't see anything major in the HJT log (Because I don't know what to look for), then I don't think I'll freak out.

    Thanks for reminding me about the system : )
  6. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Posts: 572   +6

    Is your PC consistently rebooting or was it an isolated incident? what were you doing at the time?


    I haven't seen any discernible evidence of any security threats.
  7. SwimChao

    SwimChao TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 106

    It was a completely isolated incident.

    Since you brought up the GFX card problem, it made me think: This stuff has happened before when trying to play graphically advanced games on my not-so advanced GFX cards.

    IE: Playing Counterstrike: Source for long periods of time, or playing Oblivion IV.
  8. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Posts: 572   +6

    The game probably requires more than the card can handle. You probably need an upgrade.
  9. BillAllen55

    BillAllen55 TS Maniac Posts: 368

    Please look over this website that helps explain what the agrsmmsg.exe file is about. I would carefully read the description and recommendations. It appears that it can impersonate seemingly safe files.

  10. SwimChao

    SwimChao TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 106

    Well, the process on my computer seems legit. It's in my windows folder and I checked it's properties and they lineup with what the program is described to be legitly.

    Im still going to do another small cleaning on the PC this weekend to make sure it's all good. I'll post a fresh HJT log as soon as I get the chance to do so.

    Thanks for your help again,
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