Alienware Laptop power problems

By ignite
May 18, 2004
  1. What's up,
    I just bought an Alienware laptop second hand and the ac adapter was fried. After some hassles with Alienware I recived a new ac adapter. (It seems that being the second owner the warranty is void and Alienware won't even let you order parts. I had to pretend to be the original owner and they sent me a new ac adapter. Where there was supposed to be 4 prongs sticking out for the connection to the laptop there was 1 chunk of mangled metal sticking out. Then they didn't want to replace it.)
    Finally I got a working ac adapter and when I went to plug it in it surged on me. Obviously an internal problem on the laptop! I'm wondering how hard it would be to repair the internal power supply or replace it. And where I could get the part. I appreciate your time.
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