Almost unusable Windows XP Professional, a lot of problems and errors

By mist_hero
Oct 1, 2008
  1. Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC
    Under Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz
    2GB of RAM

    1st : Before any of this happened, i was playing a few mmos and whatnot (Not WoW). After some restart, computer suddenly just hangs and crashes upon start-up (or just loads rather slow.)
    I got chances and instances where i got my Process Explorer opened, saw that WinLogon.exe, svchost.exe, lsass.exe are all trying so hard to process lag the processor. for svchost.exe i noticed before this, it was starting iexplorer.exe, multiple instances of it... but i never see it on any of my active windows.

    Currently i'm on UBCD4Win CD (booted from it... booting unto the WinXP installed on my C:\ is rather... hard) and trying to figure what the hell is wrong.

    I can't enter safemode either.

    I experienced this before, but only with Explorer.exe / taskmgr.exe lagging each other to hell -_- (it was fixed when i killed the threads of the ones lagging, removed this RavMonE.exe whatever it was, and restarted the process) it seems it has taken over that really vital program / services :/

    I might point out that, the source of this is from autorun(s) of external harddrives...

    2nd : anyways, i reinstalled Windows XP Service Pack 2 from my disc... and i got this dump message about my Video Driver not loading.... as on the dump.

    Still and currently i cannot jump directly to my WinXP installation, still using UBCD4Win to... >_> yeah... get on the internet, minor things....

    My uncle already said that they're going to reformat it... but i dislike reformats without knowing what was the problem's cause.

    Anyways i await any one who has experienced this.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,525

    BugCheck B4 refers to Video driver fault
    Please update your Video drivers
  3. mist_hero

    mist_hero TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    will do... updating with Omega Nvidia Pack Drivers


    Unfortunately, i have no idea installing Video Drivers using UBCD4Win >_> directly into my C:\Windows installation... anyone help?

    Also i might just reformat (back up games and files into a harddrive using UBCD4Win, then delete the entire partition) and reinstall windows (I'll grab my uncles' install disc)... *sigh*
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