AnooX offers alternative search engine

By Phantasm66
Aug 18, 2004
  1. "A better search engine than Google or Yahoo." That's the promise from yet another search engine, this time called AnooX.

    A "one man, one vote basis per keyword" is AnooX's proposed key to success, with what they call revolutionary technology enabling internet surfers to vote search results up or down according to quality. The idea is of course a fairly sound one. Its fairly logical to conclude that a majority vote will much more closely reflect the quality of search results than a machine generated list, because document analysis by machines just isn't there just yet.

    AnooX will be a 'not-for-profit' search engine, which hopes to minimise search engine advertising prices. It will open to the public on the 31st of November.
  2. Windows sound hardware

    I'm having prolems with the sound on my computer. I don't get noise from my speakers at all and this occured like a few days ago and i can't figure it out. I noticed there was no noise when i went into music net .com to listen to the music i have downloaded and when I clicked on a song to play- this had popped up on the screen. This song cannot be played because another application is currently using the Windows sound hardware. I'm ahving the hardest time trying to figure it out I get no noise at all I even thought it was just the music net but even when i sign on i get no dial tone it just signs on any games I play anything I do with noise I get nothing. I even checked the speakers and there fine. I'm writing you and wondering if you can help me with this problem and figure out what's wrong. Well Thank you for you're time. sincerly yours Matthew. Write me back at if I don't hear from you.

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