Another BsoD

By selfdefiant
Oct 24, 2006
  1. I hate these things because I don't know what it is saying. I keep getting Bsod's and think it is my vid card. I ran memory diagnostic and ram is fine and when i switch out my vid card windows don't crash. I don't know if it is something I can fix. I have a minidump debug log. If anyone can help me with it. The vid card is Xfx nvidia geforce 6200 512/ddr, It worked great for about a month then was playing gunz online and my computer crashed. It said minidump and had WIN32K.sys then I restarted and got another BSOD instantly. Did a system restore and was fine for a week, was playing a flash game and happened again. I switched out to my old vid card and no problems since. I can get another vid card with my warranty but don't know if it will help. The first time it happened I had windows sp2 with all updates and the last time i had a reformated windows sp1 no updates. Please help me!

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  2. peterdiva

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    That dump is citing vsdatant.sys as the probable cause, which belongs to Zonealarm. The file seems to be up to date, so you may have to try another firewall to see if the problem goes away.
  3. Masque

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    Also.....Make Sure......

    .....that you don't have multiple firewalls enabled, eg. Windows Firewall and Zonealarm. They've got a nasty habit of fighting each other.
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