Another Internet not working after reboot

By live2liveGreat
Nov 27, 2008
  1. Windows XP SP3 - alright so when I restarted my pc the internet is not working. It does on all other machines in my house, it's not malware, it's not a cable router or my gigabit switch, they all work fine i've tested all the ports in the house. Something that may help is that while the wifi works on all other devices just like the internet it doesn't work on mine. Any clues?
  2. live2liveGreat

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    Ahhh so being as impatient as I am I finally just tried disabling the DHCP reservations... which fixed the issue, however I still have yet to try enabling it again, being I like to access the PC's via VNC. But yeah so for anyone else that has this issue I guess there's your answer. I tried looking for one and I guess sometimes the best answer is your own. But any ideas what cause the problem so I may be able to identify a better solution.
  3. LookinAround

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    Not 100% sure i am following what you're saying.. but IF you're saying you changed your router to no longer reserve a specific IP address for a specific client i would guess your original problem relates to an IP address conflict between two systems on your network (i.e one system was already using the IP address which you wanted assigned to a different system)
    1. Review all DHCP assignments on the router to see they are being reserved for the right system
    2. Check each system to see they are all using DHCP to get their address and you haven't configured a system to assign it's own static address
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