AOL Toolbar error

By Tom Mask
Jun 6, 2007
  1. Drdaveself

    Drdaveself TS Rookie

    I still stick with my previous post, going into IE7 via the 'welcome centre/connect to the internet' is a possible by-pass but not a cure for this annoying error message. However, I have since cured the problem, the way I expected I'd needed to by a Manual Registry Change! Then again, it was not as difficult as I expected, if you go to the site there are clear step by step instructions on performing registry edits in Vista.
  2. PhilTech

    PhilTech TS Rookie

    I can understand your inhibition for editing the registry. It can seem a little intimidating at first. However, you can safe guard yourself by creating a restore point before editing the registry so that you can restore the registry to it's previous state if the modification creates problems. Go to Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore. There you will find options to create a restore point or to restore your system to a previous point. Windows Help has specific informaiton regarding the use of this tool. I hope that this helps you out.
  3. Judah Love

    Judah Love TS Rookie


    You may be new at the game but you alright. Thanks I had this problem and with you method i was able to get rid of that error message

    thanks again.
  4. Judah Love

    Judah Love TS Rookie

    You may be new at the game but you alright. Thanks I had this problem and with you method i was able to get rid of that error message

    thanks again.
  5. tropical36

    tropical36 TS Rookie

    IT WORKED FOR ME:). Your English was good enough and better than my Spanish of which I know nada de nada, so muchas gracias. Seems that Microsoft is still trying very hard to put them selves out of the browser business, among other things.
    I did delete the IE7 folder in the program files and then install IE8 beta 2, but I'm sure that I had nothing whatsoever to do with anything. For those of you that are still having a problem, be sure you're following the lady's instructions and you might also make sure that you're indicating Google or other than AOL for the default search engine, so the stupid thing doesn't keep looking for the disease (AOL). Meanwhile, you might want to try Google's new browser...CHROME, which I use as default.
  6. eyemfedup2

    eyemfedup2 TS Enthusiast Posts: 69

    aol error message

    thanks Eva it worked
    i reset Internet explorer and no more aol error message
    thanks allot :)
  7. DigiGirlFL

    DigiGirlFL TS Rookie

    I have also been getting this annoying error on a customer's computer, and this is how I resolved it.

    On IE, go to tools > manage add-ons > enable or disable add-ons

    Show: Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer

    Find the AOL Toolbar thing(s) and at the bottom, click "disable"

    This fixed it for me. I hope this helps everyone.

    Computer Technician
    Navarre, Florida

    Oh, BTW - I personally do not use Internet Exploiter... I use Mozilla Firefox and I have it customized the way I want it with things such as the weather in the lower right corner of the browser window, color and icon packs/themes, colored/numbered tabs, etc. I LOVE firefox.
  8. hirichardhi

    hirichardhi TS Rookie

    Problem resolved for me

    I ran a registry cleaner (AML Free Registry Cleaner). It found more than 300 registry errors and I had it clean them all. That message no longer appeared and IE went to the home page without any problem.
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