By russki
Mar 17, 2006
  1. Hello beautifull people
    I have had a hard day installing my mobo into case and all i get is:
    no POST or any bip what soever. THE lid light is on, funs speening, CPU and power supply. cables pluged in;
    I have been building PC so it is not my first time
    I know about receting the CMOS data with jumpers
    I have a PC with working parts and I have done swapping parts, I have tried to start it with 3 different video cards; 2 AGP and 1 PCI.
    I switched few memories that work on my working PC
    I have new harddrives that I tested and they work fine
    I have read the ASUS mobo users manual
    I have tried hard
    PLease if anyone can tell me if tere is anything I could do beside trashing my MOBO (I got it for cheap guaranteed to work)!

    I have read online about this POST problema and just don't know if I am doing anything wrong
    Wil appreciate you so much
    I have lost my PC in Catrina and beent trying to build one for the longest time
    Is it alll about destiny?
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