ASUS P5N2-SLI and DDR2 667mhz.... problems

By Stalflare
May 12, 2006
  1. Hi everyone,

    I have recently bought a new PC

    2GB DDR2 667mhz
    Asus P5N2-SLI

    Everything seems to run fine, but there is something that really bugs me. On the startup screen it tells me that the memory is running dual channel at 533Mhz...

    I have tried to manually tell the Mobo to run it 667, it does that without many troubles, shame that later in Windows, after a bit of use, some of the programs and games that I use start to crash or have strange behaviours....

    I suspected that this could have been because of the memory, but in theory it should run at that speed...

    What could it be? any chance to get the system stable while running the memory at the alleged 667mhz speed?

    Thanks a lot for the help!
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