Ati x700 problems solved with dip switch

By isoxazole
Nov 26, 2007
  1. Hi, I recently bought an x700 and it ran fine for while but then artifacts and other garbage started to appear on screen. Eventually it would not run any
    d3d or hardware accellerated games. This really got to me since Battlefield and Tron were two new games I bought and I couldn't play.

    I tried changing drivers, reinstalling windows and putting it into another computer. In which it worked but eventually failed. I was about to chuck it when we noticed 2 dip switches on the underside of the card. No idea what they do but switching them both to the opposite setting didn't work. Then I put switch 1 at position 1 and switch 2 at position 2.

    This worked!
    I have a 500watt psu; 1gb generic ram and an AMD 2500+ Barton @ 2ghz

    I don't know what those switches are for if anyone does, please reply.
    I'd like to know what I did. I have heard a lot of complaints about this card and vista so I'm wondering if these switches could solve problems for those people. I only changed them as a last resort. Wow, am I ever happy!
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