Baytrail good enough?


Baytrail Quad Core Z3740 1.33 GHz Processor and 2GB RAM good enough?

  1. Yeah it's good enough

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  2. Some big compiles will take a bit longer

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  3. The 720p 10-bit is gonna be a bit of a problem

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  4. The 1080p is gonna be a bit of a problem

  5. No too problematic on one of those tasks(indicate)

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By WilhelmPrice
Apr 4, 2014
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  1. Hi I'm planning to get a cost-effective tablet hybrid for schoolwork(documents), schoolwork(coding with Java using BlueJ and Netbeans etc as an IT student), some media like 1080p and/or 720p 10-bit content and Internet

    So I picked what seems to be the best deal, Asus T100, I even found the 500GB version here, would its Baytrail Quad Core Z3740 1.33 GHz Processor with 2GB RAM be good enough for those tasks? particularly the Java coding and compiling, 720 10-bit and 1080p content

    Full Specs
    Intel® Bay Trail-T Quad Core Z3740 1.33 GHz Processor
    Windows 8.1
    10.1" 16:9 IPS HD (1366x768) with Multi-Touch Screen
    Integrated Intel® HD Graphics
    32GB eMMC with 500GB HDD
  2. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,191   +590

    Well unless you count the fact the screen is not 1080p so you can't do anything 1080p (Well you could but you would not see it) then it should be fine. It should compile and run java programs just as well as anything in this day and age so I would not worry about that.

    Your biggest drawback would of course be the fact its not going to be to media esque but should be able to play movies and what not. Just won't have much in the range of GPU power.
  3. WilhelmPrice

    WilhelmPrice TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know the resolution, well I was thinking of also plugging this to my 40inch Samsung sometimes and even then encoding my 1080p content down to 768 is gonna be tedious so I'll end up watching these here anyway

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