blocking certain stuff

By samster2006
Oct 27, 2006
  1. Hey.

    On windows XP.

    Could anyone show me some different ways of blocking:
    command prompt (cmd.exe &

  2. You can set group policies to disable cmd, taskmgr and regedit but for you'll probably have to set NTFS permissions. Even then they can be circumvented by 'hacked' executables that can be introduced via the net or a floppy, etc. These will simply ignore the group policy and run anyway. Certain trojans, viruses, worms, etc can also access these and prevent you from getting to the task manger, courtesy of the registry. Welcome to the wonderful world of permissions and security... M$ style.
  3. Nodsu

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    NTFS permissions are your best bets, but as caravel said, anyone can run any program off a USB stick.
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