Blue sceen pysically dumping reaptiviely

By mizzfit8
Aug 30, 2008
  1. the blue screen keeps poping up and wont stop what do i do
  2. raybay

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    Three words misspelled out of five. Not bad.
    Blue screens can be caused by any of a number of defects. Bad memory module, bad cpu power supply, inadequate or too much thermal paste, bad hard drive, bad power supply. Bad case cooling fan, or bad cable. It is difficult to track down all the causes so make a chart and keep good notes.
    Go to your Device Manager and look for red or yellow flags. Replace the drivers where flagged.
    The most common cause is an incorrect video card driver, so you might want to start by downloading a new video driver. Once you know where it has been download, so you can find it, remove the old driver, then install the newly downloaded one.
    The second most common cause is a failed video card. They burn out after about a year of use... sometimes sooner.
    Then test memory. Remove one module. Make an attempt to run for a while. Then change and run the other module.
    If the machine is older than two years, and they above do not work, remove the cpu heat sink and fan. Clean out the old thermal past with denatured alcohol, and replace it with VERY THIN coating of thermal paste. Too thick is as bad as too thin.
    Consider replacing the cpu fan if computer is more than two years old... certainly replace it if the computer is three years old.
    Do you have an old or weak or cheap brand of power supply. Replace it,
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