Bsod on win7

By Zoe20
Mar 24, 2011
  1. hi all hoping you can help, have been asked to ask on here, the other night my pc throw a bsod at me more than once, after some advice from a guy on here i tried to run the anti virus flash drive, managed to run it and it came up with 2134 threats out, tried to remove them and got the bsod. i have tried the ram, ect ect ect. now i have done a removery thing, and still getting the bsod, i cant get into windows at all without the screen coming up. and as the hdd is a sata and not ide, i cant hook it up and scan throw another pc. im at a total lose as what to do and i dont have the OS or other disks that came with the pc.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Bobbye

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    There are a lot of reasons for a BSOD that aren't malware related. But if the AV found over 2000 threats, you have a problem!

    If you would like us to check the system for malware, please follow the steps in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal thread HERE.

    When you have finished, leave the logs for review in your next reply .
    NOTE: Logs must be pasted in the replies. Attached logs will not be reviewed.

    Please do not use any other cleaning programs or scans while I'm helping you, unless I direct you to. Do not use a Registry cleaner or make any changes in the Registry.
  3. Zoe20

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    hi there, cant get windows to run long enough now to do the scans, i did the recovery this morning, and as soon as it said preparing desktop i get the BSOD, going to try reinstalling win7 tomorrow, and hopefully i can get somewhere, did the check on this pc too earlier on.
  4. Bobbye

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    You might want to check the Event Viewer> see if there are any Errors that might be hardware related. If the problem is from hardware, the reinstall probably won't make a difference.

    If you decide it would be worth the trip to check the Event Viewer, you will find instructions and screen shots for Win 7 here:
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