BSOD problems with Oblivion

By pwnzor339
Sep 2, 2010
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  1. I just purchased oblivion GOTY edition for my computer, i know the game's a bit old, but it was cheap. When i went to install it last night, whenever i inserted the disc, the computer made a clicking sound like it shut off and then the blue screen apeared and said bad_pool_header, i restarted the computer and tried to reinsert the disc, and it did the same thing, i restarted again and inserted the disc, but this time it worked, i managed to install it and i played it for two hours without any problems. I shut the computer down and this morning i tried to play it and the blue screen kept popping up still reading bad_pool_header. Can anyone help me with my problem?

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  2. pwnzor339

    pwnzor339 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    here are the other minidump files

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  3. IWannaPlaySC2

    IWannaPlaySC2 TS Rookie

    0x00000019 bugcheck for all of them.. tfsnifs.sys

    Is that XP or Vista?

    If it's XP, do you have SP2 installed?

    Ever had any problems with the machine before?

    It's not a DELL by any chance is it?

    Update your drivers and then check your HDD'(s) for bad sectors

    You could also try reinstalling the drivers for your disc drive via Device Manager
  4. pwnzor339

    pwnzor339 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    first what do you mean by 0x00000019 bugcheck for all of them.. tfsnifs.sys?
    It is an xp, i dont know if sp2 is installed, yes i have had problems with the computer but they were virsus, and yes it is a dell. How do i update my drivers and check the HDD?
  5. IWannaPlaySC2

    IWannaPlaySC2 TS Rookie

    Sorry for the delayed response,

    Basically this just means all of your minidumps crash with the same module (tfsnifs.sys) which is a core driver used when reading the disc from your DVD drive.

    I would suggest going to the dell website and finding downloads for the latest drivers.
    You can tell windows to schedule a boot-time scan for the HDD, it might take a while..

    For a more thorough disk check run the testing utility from your HDD manufacturers website

    I would also suggest that this is more likely a driver issue than an HDD issue

    Hope this helps
  6. pwnzor339

    pwnzor339 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks i am trying to find updates for the drivers now, but if its a problem with the drivers why did it not crash the one time i tried it?

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