Building a new gaming pc

By dwb152
Jan 18, 2007
  1. This is my first self build so I thought it wise to consult the advice of experts, like the ones who frequent this site. I will be using this system mainly for gaming, however I am on a pretty fixed budget. Any and all advice is welcome

    Mobo - Gigabyte DS3 - $139

    CPU - E6400 (2.13) - $220

    Case - Thermaltake Saprano Black - $79

    PSU - Antec True Power Trio 550 (found a good deal, this is why i choose this psu, after rebates only $75).

    Memory - Corsair XMS2 6400 (800) 512 X 1 (I can only afford 1gb now, but will upgrade to 2gb soon). - $120

    DVD/CD Burner - Samsung 18x, with lightscribe - $39

    Video Card - BFG 7900oc (I got this card for only 150 dollars brand new, with rebates)

    Hard Drive - Western Digital 250gb 7200 rpm - $79

    Like I said before, I will be mainly using this pc for gaming. Im trying to build the best budget pc, while trying not to compromise preformance. Almost all parts from newegg, will run approx. $950. Any advice about installation or alternate parts or anything in general is greatly appreicated.
  2. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    i would skip antec. their voltage is not consistent.check the posting on this page under "weird problem". you can get a heck of a 500 watt psu for $59.00 from tigerdirect. the other stuff seems to be ok.
  3. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    As long as you avoid the Smart Power series, Antec make extremely high quality PSUs. The one you have selected is a very good one.
  4. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    Looks like a completely good budget gaming system. The only thing I can tell you to look up on is your Power Supply. Antec PSUs seem to have lost quality, still it looks like a good deal.
  5. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    OK, that's two people saying Antec are low quality. I need some links to some tests that have been done showing some proof. The SmartPower series granted is not of the highest quality, but other than that I have never personally had a problem and all reviews of tests done on them say great things about Antec.

    Links please.
  6. dwb152

    dwb152 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have heard that the smart power Antecs have been unreliable, however the true power line seems to be very reliable, and I have read many reviews saying the same thing.
  7. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 2,154   +6

    SmartPower, I believe, are Antec's cheapest power supplies.

    Granted, their budget units are not gonna be the highest quality, but I think Antec's other series PSUs are good and long-lasting.

    That looks like a decent setup, except if you want to upgrade your RAM to 2GB later, you should probably go with a 1x1GB setup instead of 2x512. That way you can just add a 1GB stick and run it in dual channel (2x1GB).

    Cheers :)
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