Building First Computer (I changed my setup)

  1. Okay so I am having an issue working out if my case will be able to hold my motherboard and graphics card.

    Case Details:
    Available Color Black
    Materials Steel body, plastic
    Dimension 190 x 426 x 491.5mm / 7.5 x 16.8 x 19.4 inch (W x H x D)
    Net Weight 5.23 kg / 11.51 lbs
    M/B Type Micro-ATX, ATX
    5.25" Drive Bays 2 (exposed)
    3.5" Drive Bays 8 (1 exposed, 7 hidden)
    2.5" Drive Bays 1 (hidden)
    I/O Panel USB 3.0 x 1 (int.), USB 2.0 x 2,
    Mic x1, Audio x 1 (supports AC97 / HD Audio)
    Expansion Slots 7
    Cooling System Front: 140mm fan x 1 (optional)
    or 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
    Rear: 120mm black fan x 1 (pre-installed)
    Side (left): 120mm or 140mm fan x 1 (optional)
    Side (right): 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
    Power Supply Type Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
    Maximum Compatibility VGA card length: 320mm / 12.6 inch (with HDD cage)
    CPU cooler height: 163.9mm / 6.5 inch

    Now Ill list my other parts I have (They should also be links if they are not links just search the name)

    WD 3.5" Green 1TB WD10EZRX SATA3 64M 5400RPM HDD
    Patriot Signature 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3-1600 - PSD38G1600KH
    Samsung SATA 22x Black DVD RW
    Gigabyte N730-2GI / N730SL-2GL DDR3 GT730 PCI-E VGA Card

    Intel BX80646G3258 Pentium G3258 3.2GHz 3MB LGA1150
    ASRock H97M Anniversary Motherboard

  2. Spykezxp

    Spykezxp TS Addict Posts: 290   +73

    From the case details you have supplied (Motherboard type: Micro ATX or ATX and maximum video card length of 320mm) you are well within the parameters of having everything fit.
    ASRock H97M motherboard is a Micro ATX board.
    Gigabyte N730-2GI video card is 185mm in length.
  3. Infected Sniper

    Infected Sniper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay Thankyou I was thinking about getting rid of the disc drive and upgrading my video card for a better setup Ill post the name of it
  4. Infected Sniper

    Infected Sniper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay the new graphics card I picked out is a
    Gigabyte 2GB GT740 PCI-E VGA Card
  5. Spykezxp

    Spykezxp TS Addict Posts: 290   +73

    The Gigabyte 2GB GT 740 is a good choice. It will still fit into the case (video card is 186mm in length). Just make sure that your power supply can handle it. From the Gigabyte site, it says that video card requires a 400W power supply. You did not specify what power supply you had (or are going to purchase), so just make sure it has enough "juice" to power the video card and everything else also.
  6. Infected Sniper

    Infected Sniper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have a 420 watt power supply that comes installed with the cooler master case
  7. Spykezxp

    Spykezxp TS Addict Posts: 290   +73

    Sounds like you are all set then. For future upgrades, you may end up having to get a larger power supply, but you should not worry about that at this time. Get all of your parts together and enjoy building your PC. Once you get everything all together and running, take a couple pictures and post them here for others to see. Some (if not all) of us like seeing other people's progress and completed builds. Let us know if you run into any issues or problems getting your PC to work.
  8. Infected Sniper

    Infected Sniper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay so Im not sure if I can get my motherboard to work. Im not 100% sure what I need pluged in before I test it. So if you could list what I need to test it I would be happy
  9. Infected Sniper

    Infected Sniper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nvm I got it

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