Burning Dvd Direct.

By mfm1200
Feb 8, 2004
  1. hi forum,
    have been trying to burn tv programs direct to dvd-r disc with my AIW video card using ulead movie factory 2.
    my problem is i don't get any audio on the disc.
    the reason is i guess is because my sony dvd burner dru510-a has it's audio cable connected to my creative 5.1 sound card.
    i notice there is a 4 pin connector on the ati card with nothing attached. could this be the audio connect.
  2. Hitman`

    Hitman` TS Rookie Posts: 41

    all of the all in wonder cards have sound channeling, it doent do anything with the sound, but only routes it to the sound card. make sure all of your cables are connected to your video card.
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