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By prash
Apr 22, 2005
  1. The problem i have is that I need a 12 month calander that highlights and tells me when a contract is up for a renewal. For example if a customer's contract expires in May, I want it to advise me of this and possibly even highlight it on screen. As well as providing me with a hardcopy

    I have attempted to do this using excel with the job names down one side and the months from jantodec along top, but i cant seem to get it to filter the relevant info.Within the cells i've been typing the word "renew" where a renewal is due.

    is there any easier,software i can use that will allow this? i have thought about doing it in outlook and using the diary/appointment manager but i dont think u can print off the events or the entire run from jan to december.

    Any advise appreciated.thanks so much.
  2. CirTap

    CirTap TS Rookie Posts: 18

    to my knowledge, "classic" calendar apps deal with tasks, appointments, aniveraries, and meetings, so you could mimic this creating a task as long as the contract goes and an additional appointment/meeting/aniversary for the end date to trigger the reminder event (sound, mail, message).
    You may also check out a typical project management application, and add the contracts as project (milestones) or similar. They usually have a calender-like view which you can print, but I don't know if there is something like a reminder.
    Maybe you can play with a tyical calendar app, such as Sunbird ( to find out if this type of app actually works. Or give Outlook a try if you have it already installed.
    Maybe you can create a little sketch (handdraw/scan, illustration), safe this image, and provide some URL to view it so we can see what you're after?

    Have fun,
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